Cameras are mostly digital, smartphones create amazingly good pictures … this quickly leads to the conclusion that it is sufficient to print the data of the pictures or to put them online. However, this is far from sufficient for high-quality publications. Color casts, overexposure or underexposure, lack of contrast, blurring. These “little things” mean that a picture is perceived as unattractive. A little dust on the lens or the dreaded “red-eye effect” make the best motif look like “amateur shot from the hip”. We fix exactly these errors in the image processing.

Sometimes there are unwanted areas in the photo that have nothing to do with the meaning of the picture. All of these blemishes can be remedied by professional photo editing. Give your photos to our professionals in “Photo Editing Service“.
The images are then given the technical finishing touches in accordance with their planned publication.

For example, an online position requires an RGB profile, while images for printing require an adjustment to the paper whiteness in addition to a CMYK profile. It is astonishing how different images for pure white, glossy magazine paper differ from images that are planned to be published on common newsprint.

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